Curt and Juanita Enns

Welcome to Tukto Lodge!

Juanita and I spent a few days in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories this past fall meeting other operators and members of this spectacular and unique tourist industry. Being located in Canada's Far North with lakes in both territories, Tukto Lodge is truly a unique opportunity for fishermen and women, and adventurers alike. Tukto Lodge enjoys an incredible lakefront vista and the most unique flora and animal life imaginable, all right there on your doorstep. Along with the opportunity of a lifetime to catch the next world record lake trout, you'll enjoy great food and personable friendly staff. Tukto Lodge is an experience unmatched anywhere in the world.

Tukto Lodge sign with caribou antlers stacked below

Trophy lake trout by the hundreds reign in the crystal clear waters that make up the lake systems of Mosquito (NWT) and Dubawnt (NU) Lakes. Hard charging arctic grayling with their unique color and majestic sail fin are a treat to catch on the five river systems accessible from Tukto. Between the Thelon Sanctuary that sits on the north shore of Dubawnt Lake, to the dancing Aurora Borealis in the vast skies overhead, Tukto Lodge is an unforgettable experience for anyone that makes their way up to this truly enchanted part of the Canadian Arctic.

The managers and staff at Tukto Lodge are second to none. They have spent years in the bush and the arctic and enjoy showcasing the unique opportunity offered to so few people.


“First, thanks for a great trip! This was a totally new experience for us, tundra, caribou, musk ox, etc. Oh yeah, and on top of that, the fishing is world class too! We fly fished a great deal of the time and Ryan really knew how to put us on the fish every day! We caught 20 to 50 fish each, every day, and a large portion of that was fly fishing. We caught numerous lakers over 10 lbs on flies, and up to 26 lbs on spinning tackle.

Your staff did everything they could to make the trip run smoothly, especially since everything to support us (food, equipment, etc.) has to be flown in. Thanks for the excellent staff (hosts, guides, pilot, flight transfer agents, etc.). You guys run a first class outfit. We had such a great time, my fishing partner and I are already trying to figure out how to get back there again in the near future. Thanks again for a tremendous trip! ”Dean Willis

“Curt and Juanita, I wanted to let you know that my trip to Tukto was great. Ryan and Laura are terrific hosts and saw to it that everything was just right. I really liked the six day format. Fishing was great. I had a lot of fun and will see you all again next year!”Bob Schoedler

“What an incredible fishery. We caught so many lake trout and grayling that there was no way to keep count. We had a number of fish in the 15-18 pound range and Tom and I both lost fish at the boat that likely exceeded 30 pounds. On our trip, we had two good weather days and three bad ones. When you go that far north, even at the end of July/early August it is what can happen.

In addition, the food was very good and the people at the lodge, Ryan and Laura, could not have treated us better. One day, they even came out and joined us for baked lake trout at shore lunch which was a special treat. On the last day of fishing, we also saw two Musk Ox which may have been the trip highlight.

It is a wonderful fishery (one day when we were weathered in, I caught 10 trout casting from the dock) and I would recommend this place to others and will consider bringing my larger group up there in the future. ”Phil Lilly

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