Go Where Few Have Gone Before

A fly-out with Tukto Lodge is an exclusive and elite event. Roughly only 50 anglers per year get the opportunity to indulge in the beauty and bounty of one of our fly-out destinations. Consider treating yourself to the pinnacle of adventure travel: a fly-out to one of the most remote lakes on earth.

One-Day Fly-outs

Price: $1,000 per person

Our one-day fly-outs from Tukto Lodge will leave you a changed person. We’ll help you determine which one of our fly-out destinations, including Dubawnt Lake, Mary Lake and Nicholson Lake and Rapids, best suits your goals. Then you’ll get started with an early breakfast at the main lodge and an incredible flight on our floatplane with your personal guide and your gear to your own private lake.

Time stands still and flies by all at once when you’ve got the world’s best lake trout and grayling action all to yourself. We’ll pick you up in time for another delicious dinner at the lodge where you can swap stories with the other guests. You can be sure your fishing tale will win.

“How many fishing trips can boast four trout over 20 pounds in one day? Truthfully, before I saw these trophy trout with my own eyes, I suspected the fishermen who logged big numbers the week before exaggerated their catches…until I boated a 20, 21, 23 and 27 pound trout myself, all in the same day!”Vicki Shereos Cobb - Illinois, USA

Overnight Fly-Outs

Price: $1,500 per person

To truly take a walk on the wild side, add an overnight to your fly-out adventure! After a hearty breakfast, your group and guide will enjoy an aerial view of Dubawnt Lake and the surrounding stunning sights on a short flight by floatplane to your overnight camp. We’ll pack supplies for your dinner and next day’s breakfast to ensure a seamless and unforgettable adventure!

Barren but haunting horizons stretch out endlessly in front of you. You’ll laugh like an insider from here on out when someone says, “in the middle of nowhere”. Even so, on a Tukto Lodge fly-out you are cozy and safe. Our canvas-topped cabins are heated, and equipped with a fridge/freezer, showers, clean bed linens and, of course, a satellite telephone.

In these days of extreme travel and adventure, it’s still possible to immerse yourself in an entirely unique setting. Dubawnt Lake is one of the most exclusive places on earth and we are delighted to offer you the chance to truly get away from it all.

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